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The Dungeon features 1 new enemy and new locked Gold Chest loot.

Content[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Treacherous Conjurer.png Treacherous Conjurer

From locked Gold Chests (alongside normal items):

Undying Army Rifle.png Undying Army Rifle


Treacherous Conjurer Banner.png Treacherous Conjurer Banner

From Treacherous Conjurers:

Wand Core.png Wand Core
Treacherous Sphere Staff.png Treacherous Sphere Staff
Treacheous Bolt Staff.png Treacheous Bolt Staff

Notes[edit | edit source]

Biomes and Structures
Surface Layers Snow • Surface
Underground Layers Underground Jungle • Cavern
Special Biomes and Structures Cursed Tower • Desert Island • Dungeon • Floating Island • Guide's House • Pirate's Ship • Robbers' Camp • Snow Cozy House • Spider Nest • Sunken Submarine