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Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Damage 10
Max Life 250
Defense 15

Adventurer Head.png
Map Icon
Frozen Adventurer
Frozen Adventurer.png
Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Damage 10
Max Life 250
Defense 15
Item (Quantity) Rate
Adventurer's Hat.png Adventurer's Hat
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

The Adventurer is a Town NPC that sells several unique items and also assigns quests to players. Quest objectives generally involve killing a certain amount of specific enemies or getting him a quest item from particular enemies or from crafting, for which he dispenses various rewards.

The Adventurer is first encountered as Frozen Adventurer laying down in a Snow Cozy House. He will move in when:

  • The player has interacted with him and unbound him.
  • There is a vacant house.

When threatened, he will cast a crystal above his head that shoots bolts at enemies.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Adventurer gives out a quest each day, resetting at 4:30 a.m. every in-game day. Quests can be started by clicking on the "Quest" button, the Adventurer will tell the player to retrieve an item and give a tip on where to find the quest item.

After a quest has been completed, the Adventurer will reward the player with an Adventurer's Loot Box, and an extra item for some of the quests.

Functional reward items[edit | edit source]

Item Condition
Adventurer's Loot Box.png Adventurer's Loot Box Upon completion of any quest.
Golden Apple Mask.png Golden Apple Mask Upon completion of the Golden Apple quest.
Living Emerald.png Living Emerald Upon completion of the Emerald Shard quest.
Swordsman Guide.png Swordsman Guide Upon completion of the Adventurer's Chest quest.
Gelid Ring.png Gelid Ring Upon completion of the Stolen Present quest.
Bonebardier.png Bonebardier Upon completion of the Bonebardier quest.
Emerald Net.png Emerald Net Upon completion of the Slimes quest.

Quest list[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of quests given by the Adventurer, as well as listed from the Quest Tracker while doing one quest at a time. Only one Adventurer Quest can be completed per Terraria day, after that you must wait until the next day.

  • Quest Name Adventurer Quote Requirement Obtained from/Found in
    'Lost in the Sea' One day when our crew was crossing the sea, we got into a dreadful storm. We've lost a lot of people, our ship was damaged, but the most terrible loss was my compass. My favourite compass with which I had so many adventures now lies at the bottom of the ocean. Please, try fishing it out in the ocean, I really miss it! Old Compass.png Old Compass Fishing in the Ocean
    'Fighting the heat' My friend once told me about an interesting artifact. We were in Egypt when he told me about this artifact and it was very hot there. This artifact is a some kind of ice crystal that can cool things. I thought that it would be awesome if I could cool down by using it when it's too hot outside. I only know that different ice creatures contain this crystal inside of them. Can you please find it and bring it to me? Glacial Crystal.png Glacial Crystal Killing any enemy in the Snow biome
    'Save the hat!' My beautiful hat is a bit damaged! I really need to fix it but I need some leather for this. Can you bring me... Let's say... 12 leather, so I can fix it? 12 Leather.png Leather Boar.png Boar or 5 Rotten Chunk.png Rotten Chunk   @   Work Bench.png Work Bench
    'Ancient legends' I've heard legends about creatures that were living in deserts. Unfortunately, all of them died during a massive cataclysm. Bones of those creatures are probably lost in the sands. I really want to know more about those creatures but the only way to do it is to find at least a little bone of them. Maybe you can dig in the sand and find any remains of those creatures? Monster Skull.png Monster Skull Mining Sand Block.png Sand Block
    'Tasty omelette' Have you ever tried an omelette made of harpy eggs? No? Me too, but I really want to try it. Maybe you can bring me a harpy egg so I can cook the omelette of it? I can share it with you! Harpy Egg.png Harpy Egg Harpy.png Harpy
    'Strange experiment' I think I just had a brilliant idea... I'll need an apple that's covered in pure gold. But I can't just go and get that kind of thing in a shop! Can you help me out with this? Don't ask why I need the apple, you'll see later. Golden Apple.png Golden Apple Apple.png Apple + 20 Gold Coin.png Gold Coin   @   Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
    'Dark Magic' Do you know that skeletons from that dark dungeon can revive fallen allies? I really want to be able to revive dead creatures too! I've gathered some information and found out that they use Necronomicon to do this. Can you go to that spooky place and bring me that magical book? Necronomicon.png Necronomicon Dungeon Enemies
    'Annoying creatures' I'm so tired of these slimes! Whenever I go outside, they immediately attack me! I really want to kill them all but I'm a bad warrior! Can you kill, let's say 25 slimes so I could go outside without any troubles? Kill Slimes Any biome
    'Vengeance' When we once lost our way in caverns, one of our group members told me about a skeleton with a gold hat. We have met one and it captured our mapmaker! Soon we found him dead, I must take revenge on that skeleton! Can you kill it? Kill Undead Miner.png Undead Miner Caverns
    'Mutated birds' Yesterday I got to a sky island using magic. Everything was peaceful at the beginning but then I got attacked by giant birds! I fell off the island, luckily I haven't broken any bones. Can you kill these birds so I will not get attacked next time? Kill Bird Traveller.png Bird Traveller Near Floating Islands
    'Prize for the winner' Let's toss a coin! The loser will bring something to the winner. Ugh... Our coins seems to not have heads and tails... Guess I've won! You have to bring me a silk scarf! Silk Scarf.png Silk Scarf 10 Silk.png Silk   @   Loom.png Loom
    'The failed fishing' The idea of going fishing during night turned out to be bad! These disgusting zombies snatched fishing rod from my hands and broke it! How am I supposed to fish without fishing rod!? Can you please gather the pieces and repair it? Adventurer's Fishing Rod Parts Zombies
    'Making a powerful weapon' I just noticed that this gunslinger is selling something that looks like a blueprint of a weapon! Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy it and even if I had - I'm not that smart to understand all these schemes. Think you can buy that blueprint and craft the weapon for me? Bonebardier Blueprint.png Bonebardier Blueprint Bought from Arms Dealer.png Arms Dealer and crafted with 12 Iron Bar.png Iron Bar / Lead Bar.png Lead Bar + Illegal Gun Parts.png Illegal Gun Parts + 45 Bone.png Bone   @   Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
    'How to make wings' Making wings is a really hard process! You need a strong material so the wings won't tear apart when you're flying. I think pieces of demon wings should be suitable. Please, bring me 12 pieces so I can make good wings! 12 Demon's Wing Piece.png Demon's Wing Piece Demon.png Demon
    'In a shark's stomach' Where's my chest!? Please, don't tell me that I've lost it... There were so many useful things in it! Wait a second... I didn't lose it! It was a shark who attacked my boat! Yeah, right, it ate my chest! Please, kill some sharks until you find the one who ate my chest and then bring the chest back to me! Adventurer's Chest.png Adventurer's Chest Shark.png Shark
    'Delicious food' I have tried different food during my life but I've never eaten a coconut! It may sound oddly but it's true. I know that there're some palms growing near the ocean and I've even seen coconuts on them! The problem is that I'm too short to get them. Please, bring me 16 coconuts and then I can find out if coconuts are that tasty as many people say! Coconut.png Coconut Breaking Tree (Ocean).png Palm Tree
    'Arachnophobia' I'm currently trying to make a potion that will allow one to climb on walls. A potion like this would be very useful for my adventures! The problem is that I need some spider samples to make it and I am... Afraid of spiders. Can you gather 12 spider masses for me? Just go to a spider nest, kill some baby creepers and then gather the mass. 12 Spider Mass.png Spider Mass Baby Creeper.png Baby Creeper
    'Stolen Christmas' I'm really-really upset right now! Wanna know what happened? I was making a presents for my friends. When I've made 20 of them, a monster whose name is Krampus came and stole the presents! I really don't want my friends to be left without presents from me this year! Please, find that monster and bring my presents back! Stolen Present.png Stolen Present Krampus.png Krampus
    'Slimes that eat emeralds' There're rumors about very strange slimes living deep in the caves. You probably wonder why strange, right? That's because those chunks of gel eat emeralds! That's why they're covered with emerald shards like with a shell. Bring me some of these shards and I'll create something. Now go! Emerald Shard.png Emerald Shard Emerald Slime Enemy.png Emerald Slime Enemy
    'Hot to the touch' (Overhaul Mod only) Did you know that if you cut down burnt trees you will get charcoal? I bet you did not. Well, since now you have this information, can you please get me 25 charcoal? I really need it to make some torches! Charcoal.png Charcoal Tree.png Tree (Must be burned with Lava.png Lava)
  • Items sold[edit | edit source]


    Item Cost Availability
    Adventurer Crystal.png Adventurer Crystal 5 Iron Coin Always available.
    Adventurer Sign.png Adventurer Sign 15 Iron Coin Finished 7 quests
    Adventurer Star.png Adventurer Star 10 Iron Coin Finished 17 quests
    Adventurer Sigil.png Adventurer Sigil 15 Iron Coin Finished 27 quests
    Adventurer Emblem.png Adventurer Emblem 5 Iron Coin Finished 37 quests
    Archaelogist Manual.png Archaelogist Manual 15 Iron Coin Finished 12 quests & Hardmode
    Celestial Manual.png Celestial Manual 5 Iron Coin Hardmode
    Adventurer's Machete.png Adventurer's Machete 12 Iron Coin Hardmode

    Names[edit | edit source]

    The Adventurer may have any of the following names:

    • Indiana
    • Steve
    • Marco
    • Edmund
    • Aron
    • Tom
    • Robert
    • Ernest
    • Charley
    • Rolf
    • David
    • John
    • Indiana
    • Steve
    • Marco
    • Edmund
    • Aron
    • Tom
    • Robert
    • Ernest
    • Charley
    • Rolf
    • David
    • John

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    • "Somebody once told me that I will never become an great adventurer. And look at me - I've achieved a lot!"
    • "When you're going on an adventure, make sure to take some kind of knife with you to cut vines. One time I didn't take it and I had to tear vines with bare hands!"
    • "You know who am I? I am professor of archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities."
    • "I know that hornets can be pretty big but when I've entered the jungle and saw a hornet that was bigger then me... To put it mildly, I was shocked and never returned to the jungle again."
    • "I can travel anywhere without a map! I never get lost. Wanna know how I'm doing this? I... Don't know."
    • "During my adventures I often was close to death, but you know what do we say to death? Not today."
    • "Some people are afraid of night, since many monsters appear during it. These people say that night is dark and full of terrors. But I'm not afraid of it, I'm brave!"
    • "Do you help this kid, [Name of Angler], with his needs? You know, I need help more then him and I also provide pretty better rewards for you." (Only if Angler is present)

    When without a home:

    • "Looks like this man was snowed in. He's unconscious but he can be helped by digging him out. A shovel I've seen near the door would be useful..." (When without a home)
    • "Oh, thanks for saving me! That blizzard was so hard, so I decided to hide in this house. Unluckily, icicles have shattered the windows and... You've seen what happened. Couldn't get out without your help, thanks again!" (When without a home)

    When a quest is completed:

    • "Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it!"
    • "You've managed to get them? Amazing! These shards look like they're alive, they're probably got affected by those slimes impact. If I'll try using a magic enchantment on them, you will get a new familiar... It worked! Take it, it will light up your way wherever you go!" (Emerald Shards)
    • "Yes! Yes! Finally! Behold my creation! This is a golden apple mask! A true masterpiece! Do you like it? Here you go, try it on. I poked holes in it so that you can eat and breathe. Oh, and one more thing: I melted the excess gold and turned it back into coins. But they are worthless compared to this wonderful mask." (Golden Apple)
    • "Ohh, would you look at this beauty! Glad you helped me out! ... Actually, I don't think I'll ever use this gun so guess you can take it as your reward." (Bonebardier)
    • "Oh, I can't find words to thank you! You really helped me out! Here, take this book from my chest. Somebody gave it to me long time ago and I don't think I'll use it." (Adventurer's Chest)

    When trying to turn in the fishing rod after using it:

    • "Great! Thank your for your he-... Wait... What are these strange marks?.. Oh, now I get it. Did you really tried to fish with my rod and it broke again!? Did I allow you to use it? Go away, you will not get any rewards."

    When you click the Quest button after the daily quest has been completed:

    • "Come back later if you wanna help me again!"
    • "Right now I don't have any quests for you, come back later!"
    • "I think I can give you another quest soon if you need it!"

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • A huge chunk of the Adventurer's names come from other adventurers. (Indiana comes from Indiana Jones. Steve could possibly be Minecraft's own, John could be a reference to John Smith, etc.)
    • The quote about being a professor backs up the theory that Indiana is a reference to Indiana Jones.

    History[edit | edit source]

    • 0.1: Introduced.
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